Pure-Vanilla Raiding Rules

What counts as a raid?

Attacking another persons base with explosives, bullets or other weapons is considered an attempted raid, door/roof camping or attacking players inside the base is not considered a raid until they begin to try and get inside the base using force.

How many raids are allowed?

2 raids per day are allowed, this timer resets at daily restart (3am UK Time), after restart everyone's counter goes to 0 again, you are allowed to raid just before daily restart and after, a continued raid after the restart will count towards the daily reset, so your raid count will be 1.

What is allowed in a raid?

As far as raiding goes, anything go's, roof camping and door camping or inside raiding is toxic, but is fully allowed with no break of rules.

Eco raiding does not count towards your raid limit and can be done an infinite amount of times as long as no weapons are used.

A failed raid attempt DOES count towards your daily counter if explosives or weapons were used.


Blocking TC's placing traps etc are allowed ONLY if transferring loot, once the raid is complete online of offline the players that own the base must have access to tc and have access to the base with no traps placed by the raiders.